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The Senalosa Group - Your Balanced Scorecard Partner

Welcome to the Senalosa Group, a consulting firm exclusively dedicated to helping your organization reach the breakthrough results that can be achieved using the Balanced Scorecard.

Thousands of organizations around the globe including Fortune 1000, small and medium sized enterprises, government agencies at all levels, and nonprofits of every size and description have already reaped the tremendous benefits of focus, alignment, and accountability (to name just a few) the Balanced Scorecard has to offer.

We'd like you to be next.The Senalosa Group focuses on guiding organizations through the development of world-class 
Balanced Scorecard systems. Our founder, Paul Niven, has written four highly-acclaimed books on Strategy and the Balanced Scorecard, which have now been translated into seventeen languages.The proven processes and techniques we employ result from over fifteen years of practical 
experience in the Balanced Scorecard field and in-depth research on the subject.


Books by Paul Niven

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  • nonprofitbook


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