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About Senalosa

The Senalosa Group was founded by Paul R. Niven. He has over fifteen years of experience developing Strategy Management systems for Fortune 1000, small and medium sized companies, public sector agencies, and nonprofit organizations.

Drawing on his extensive global experience, Paul is a writer and sought after speaker on the subject of Strategy Management. He has delivered keynote addresses at conference events around the world and has published in a number of noted Journals. Paul's most recent book is "Roadmaps and Revelations: Finding the Road to Business Success on Route 101," a business fable helping organizations develop simple yet dynamic strategic plans. His other books include: "Balanced Scorecard Step by Step: Maximizing Performance and Maintaining Results" which has now been translated into over fifteen languages around the globe, "Balanced Scorecard Step by Step for Governments and Nonprofit Agencies" which, as the title implies, is designed to help public and nonprofit agencies develop successful Balanced Scorecard systems, and "Balanced Scorecard Diagnostics: Maintaining Maximum Performance" which focuses on the critical assessment of an organization's Balanced Scorecard system.

A native of Nova Scotia, Canada, Paul has lived in San Diego, California since the late 1990s.

By the way, if you're wondering how we came up with the name "Senalosa," read "The Story of Senalosa" - Where did the name originate?

Senalosa Values in Serving Clients

The Swiss philosopher Henri Amiel once remarked, "Every man's conduct is an unspoken sermon that is forever preaching to others." It is our values, or core beliefs, that drive our conduct. Here are the guiding principles The Senalosa Group uses in conducting business.

We believe in providing our clients with real value

Clients turn to us for in-depth knowledge and experience that can help them solve serious organizational problems. We pledge to provide solutions in the most efficient and effective ways possible, never promising more than we can deliver or selling more than the client truly needs.

We value all points of views

We recognize that knowledge is vibrantly alive in every corner of today's organization, and seek to access and promote the views of every organizational participant in creating solutions for our clients. We will always seek to understand the client's point of view before advocating our own perspective.

We recognize that every client and every situation is unique

No two people, situations, or organizations are exactly identical. Diversity and uniqueness are principles that drive creativity and propel innovation in our world. While we may rely on proven frameworks and models in our work we will always recognize the unique character of every organization and apply our tools accordingly.