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The Story of Senalosa

Where did the name originate?

So why are we now The Senalosa Group? We agreed to change our name at the request of the holders of the "Primerus" trademark. After some initial resistance, when we heard our lawyer ask, "How attached are you to the name Primerus?" we knew we had to come up with a new name! And just what is Senalosa? You can imagine how difficult it is to come up with a unique name in the age of the internet. We tried everything, even bought a "name generating" software program. You enter key words that are relevant to your business, for example "strategy" and "measurement" in our case, and it spits out dozens of gems such as "strataformance" and "measuregy." The problem is, most of them sound completely bizarre, and those with any potential are already trademarked. Coincidentally, while all this was happening my wife and I started horseback riding lessons. It was brand new to me but she had taken lessons as a child. At that time her mom had given her a book called "Let's Ride" which she pored over for hours on end. Feeling somewhat nostalgic, and thinking it might be useful, she passed it on to me. While flipping through it, I found a list of names scribbled on an old piece of paper. When I asked my wife about it she told me they were names of horses she had ridden. The page was over 25 years old and I got a real kick out of it, since it offered such an interesting glimpse into her childhood. One of the names on that paper just seemed to jump out at me - Senalosa! I loved it immediately, ran to the computer and sure enough it was available. It seemed to be fate that it should be our new name. Interestingly, Senalosa was the horse my wife longed most to have, so I guess good things do come to those who wait!