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Clients Say...

"Paul has a wealth of experience, a knack for teaching and facilitation and an engaging yet calming personal style. He was understanding and flexible in meeting our needs but disciplined in taking us forward. Genuinely motivated to help others succeed, it would be hard to imagine someone better suited to help an organization navigate the challenges and reap the rewards of the Balanced Scorecard system."

Knute Jensen, Office of Strategic Management
New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection Trenton, NJ

"Our organization has benefited enormously from Paul's leadership and expertise. He quickly grasped our mission and intelligently facilitated our discussions, earning the trust of our team with his easy going style and optimistic approach. He has energized our drive to embrace the development and implementation of our Balanced Scorecard. Paul's warmth and responsiveness makes him a clear standout in his industry, along with his high standards of integrity and character. On behalf of our management team and board of directors, I am honored to extend our sincere appreciation for his contributions that have directly increased our capacity to serve our mission."

Dan S. Rogers, President & CEO 
Goodwill of Orange County
, California

"Paul Niven pulls together amazing strengths. All at once he is sage-like, laser-like focused on results, a great listener, forward-looking, confident, warm and an enthusiast for strengthening your organization. He gets the job done and delivers on what he has promised " and more. He combines zeal with common-sense and knows how to move groups past a web of complexity to profound simplicity. I admire his energy, how he stays positive and earns trust. I've called him our "balanced scorecard sherpa." He is a guide who knows how to reach the summit of what can look impossible."

Benjamin K. Homan, President and CEO 
Food for the Hungry, Inc.

"Working with Paul has been a very rewarding experience both professionally and personally. I have benefited greatly from the high level of expertise and extensive experience Paul brings to the process and the personalized attention Paul provides that is the hallmark of his service. I sincerely believe the positive results our organization has experienced are directly attributable to Paul's expert and individualized guidance.

Ms. Junie Villongco, First Vice President
Office of Strategy Management 
Financial Freedom 
(The Reverse Mortgage Specialist) Irvine, California

"The Port engaged Paul to help further integrate our Balanced Scorecard into the way we do business, and to train staff in the development of department Balanced Scorecards. His excellent facilitation skills and consulting work with the Port have helped our departments become truly aligned with the organization's strategic vision. Paul willingly shares his extensive knowledge and is easy to work with. The tools he gave us are practical and effective, and will continue to be used at the Port in the future."

Ms. Amy Kosifas, Program Manager
Strategic Management Services 
San Diego Unified Port District 

"Paul Niven brings the Balanced Scorecard to life with clear communication and practical applications. His books have been a primary resource for dozens of rural hospitals across the country, using balanced scorecard technology to improve quality and drive performance. He has also demonstrated a profound ability to make his lectures and workshops relevant for diverse audiences."

Terry J. Hill, Executive Director 
Rural Health Resource Center Duluth, Minnesota

"Paul Niven's work in helping organizations implement the Balanced Scorecard is superb. He has worked with us on creating and delivering very informative, successful seminars for our clients in Moscow and St Petersburg, Russia, and for our classes of entrepreneurs from the Middle East and North Africa. He is always concise, yet informative; focused, yet broad-based enough for professionals from many industries to "get it." We really appreciate working with Paul!"

Rob Fuller, Director of Entrepreneurial Programs 
Rady School of Management, UC San Diego

"Working with Paul has been a real pleasure. He keeps the Balanced Scorecard process simple, focused and disciplined. His multi-sector and international experiences with the Balanced Scorecard are world-class."

Galen P. Carver, M.S., P.E. 
Chief Management Official Coordinating Office for Terrorism Preparedness and Emergency Response Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Atlanta, GA

"Paul has been instrumental in assisting us with our implementation of the Balanced Scorecard. He has made the process manageable, useful, and pertinent to what we do. His workshops are instructive but also enjoyable. He really understands the BSC model and can assist ANY organization in its effective application."

Regina B. Korossy Senior Director
Operations & Marketing Century Housing Culver City, CA

"We asked Paul Niven to serve on our Cost Management Editorial Advisory Board for several reasons, perhaps most importantly because he is an accessible, open-minded, and independent Balanced Scorecard expert. Paul sees performance management risks and opportunities more comprehensively and fairly than anyone we know."

Joe & Catherine Stenzel, Editors Journal of Cost Management

"Paul Niven has actively engaged NB Power's Executive Team with his industry experience, in-depth knowledge of the Balanced Scorecard methodology and his unique and effective facilitation style. After a few false starts with the Balanced Scorecard, I can confidently say that the BSC is now becoming ingrained in the NB Power culture. Paul has had a definite positive influence in establishing the Balanced Scorecard as the management tool of choice at NB Power."

Christian C. Richard, P.Eng., MBA Director
Office of Strategy Management (OSM) NB Power Holding Corporation Fredericton, NB

"When we adopted the Balanced Scorecard approach Paul was knowledgeable, informative and wise. His experience contributed greatly to a highly successful implementation."

David Rathbun, Chief Talent Officer 
Aliant, Inc. Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

"Paul effectively introduced the Balanced Scorecard to all levels of management and staff in our organization resulting in a high level of acceptance. This has been critical to our efforts to successfully integrate the process into our ongoing operations. Paul took what is traditionally a tool for private businesses and corporations and seamlessly transitioned the balanced scorecard method into government operations. As a result of his work, we are well on the way to a more streamlined, accountable operation increasing our ability to better serve our constituents."

Wayne Lowery, General Manager 
El Dorado Hills Community Services District El Dorado Hills, California

"Your efforts to help our management team grasp and embrace the important concepts underlying the BSC and to guide us through the sometimes difficult process of developing our version were remarkable. It is gratifying to see how our core team is now working with their staff to reinforce the concepts of the BSC. We are beginning to see this become part of our culture. Again, your approach and your ability to tune into our issues and culture made this process very effective. Thank you!"

Ms. Sherry Keramidas, Executive Director 
Regulatory Affairs Professionals Society, Rockville, MD

"Paul Niven provided a level of expertise and enthusiasm that informed and energized our entire Balanced Scorecard team. This information and energy created the buy-in from our leadership team that was critical to get them to see beyond their departmental concerns and instead focus on our organization's strategic vision. Our work with Paul resulted in a Balance Scorecard that is challenging, cohesive, easily understood, and aligned with our strategic plan.

Cynthia A. Schuler, Esq. CEO 
Kids Central, Inc. Ocala, FL