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Regardless of whether you're just beginning your Strategy Management journey or have developed a comprehensive program, chances are you could use a little help at some point. On this page you'll find resources you can use on the subjects of Strategy, the Balanced Scorecard, and Performance Management. If there is something specific you'd like to see that is not currently provided, please contact us.

Below you'll find a library of Performance Management articles covering a wide variety of topics from strategy formation through strategy execution and beyond. Please check back frequently for new articles, and if there is a topic you'd like to see covered in a future article, please contact us.

Paul's Latest Articles

You Can't Execute a Strategy That Doesn't Exist.

Business pundits are quick to point out the value of strategy execution. Inherent in that recommendation is the existence of a strategy to actually execute. In this article Paul uncovers the fluff and business gibberish that often masquerades as strategy, and provides insights on how you can develop an effective strategy for your organization. You Can't Execute a Strategy That Doesn't Exist.

Living with Volatility.

The old saying that the only constant in today?s world is change never seemed more appropriate than it does right now. We?re witnessing volatile swings in everything from the weather to the stock market. In this article Paul offers advice on how you can embrace the extreme changes you face by employing an innovative 'observe, measure, and react' strategy. Living with Volatility

Look to the Sky for Change Management Inspiration.

During a recent international speaking tour, I had the opportunity to chat with CEOs in a number of countries on issues impacting them, including: the business climate in their region, the opportunities they foresee, and the challenges on the horizon. Look to the Sky for Change Management Inspiration

Are You Listening?

Do you ever wonder if those around you are really listening to what you have to say? This is a topic Paul thinks about as well, and he explores it in this article that includes some interesting statistics and tips on how you can become a better listener both at home and at the office. Are You Listening?

Questions Peter Drucker Would Ask.

Considered by many to be the father of management thinking, Peter Drucker has influenced generations of leaders and managers with his timeless advice. In this article, Paul shares with you a number of his favorite Drucker questions and concepts. Questions Peter Drucker Would Ask

Using the Balanced Scorecard in a Downturn.

Can the Balanced Scorecard help organizations navigate turbulent times, particularly deep financial crises? The answer is yes, and in this article Paul outlines the measures that should form part of your "Downturn Balanced Scorecard." Using the Balanced Scorecard in a Downturn