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Roadmaps and Revelations


Using the fictional storyline of a manager who has just five days to develop a new strategic planning process for his company, this book shows readers how to create a powerful and easy to communicate strategy.

  • Roadmaps and Revelations: Finding the Road to Business Success on Route 101

    A Business Fable

    Rory Newman's company is going through big changes-the kind no one likes-having been bought by a global competitor that is now shaking things up. His new boss's first order of business is to demand that Rory come up with a new process for strategic planning to guide the company as it struggles to reinvent itself in the marketplace.

    Up until now, the company's "strategic plans" were made up of visions in the former CEO's mind. Now, Rory's got five short days to develop, formalize, and deliver a winning strategic planning process. Rory planned to use a leisurely drive down the 101, en route to his wife's family reunion, to gather his thoughts, but things change when he halfheartedly agrees to pick up his wife's second cousin Sydney Wise from the airport. To his astonishment, Sydney turns out to be-instead of another maddening relative-a strategic planning guru, entrepreneur-and Rory's rescuer.

    Discover, along with Rory and Sydney, what strategic planning is really about, why it is important, and how to develop a simple yet powerful strategy your company can use to set it on the course to success. Through Rory's experience, you will find out why strategic planning is not something left to the "higher ups, " but something in which everyone in an organization needs to be invested.

    An engrossing business fable on strategic planning that works, Roadmaps and Revelations reveals how to:

    • Start with a consistent definition of strategy-everyone has to be on the same page if the process is going to work
    • Examine your organization's core purpose and mission: the hub of the strategy wheel
    • Define a strategy that is simple, straightforward, and easy for employees to act on
    • Create a strategic plan that is organic and dynamic, not a clinical ooze of facts and figures
    • Develop a strategy that fits with your corporate culture
    • Communicate your plan as the story of your company's success in which every employee takes center stage

    Roadmaps and Revelations: Finding the Road to Business Success on Route 101 uses an entertaining storyline to walk you through the daunting process of creating a successful strategy. Sprinkled with practical examples and workable solutions for business executives, managers, and consultants, this motivating fable will put you on track toward creating a strategy for sustainable success.

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    1. Emergency Meeting
    2. The Challenge
    3. Change of Plans
    4. The Red Zone Is for Immediate Loading and Unloading Only
    5. Who is this Guy?
    6. What is Strategy, Anyway?
    7. Ask a Silly Question
    8. What You See Is Not Always What You Get
    9. Getting to the Core
    10. Think Fast
    11. A Push in the Right Direction
    12. One Night at the Vine View Manor
    13. Pucker Up
    14. Charged Up in PISMO Beach
    15. You Know What Nietzsche Said About Groups…
    16. Two Thumbs Up
    17. Sandy Resolutions
    18. "KISSin" Cousins
    19. Every Dog Has His Day
    20. The Reunion Roadmap Strategy Process and Model Summary Roadmap Strategy Online References

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  • Niven Parts the Red Sea With This Book -- Unparalleled Brilliance & Clarity - A Must Read for Business Leaders

    Paul Niven's book is historic. Not since 1908 when the Harvard MBA Program was formed has the world of business been offered such vision and critical fundamental guidance. Niven writes about strategic planning in the most refreshing way. From the moment you pick up the book, you begin to realize how all human beings, including business managers with long "to do" lists to complete each day, can easily get derailed from achieving company and personal goals. As you read this book, you become convinced that having and knowing a clear strategy is Job 1 for any company, business manager, or individual. Without it, most activity is just molecular chaos with random highs and lows. Kudos to Niven for taking business planning and strategy to a whole new level. A valuable tool for business managers and any person interested in maximizing their performance. And Niven's storybook approach makes it an easy read. Get it for your next airline flight and you'll still have time to watch the movie. - Greg Berk Immigration Attorney, The Law Offices of Greg Berk, California

    "Paul Niven's latest book, Roadmaps and Revelations, is a quick read full of countless jewels of insight on strategic planning. For those of us who have practiced the art of strategic business planning for more than a couple of decades, Mr. Niven's book is a creative approach to capturing many key insights regarding what works and what doesn't work. For anyone that's attended even a short session at "the school of hard knocks," it will be difficult to keep from nodding one's head up-and-down in agreement as each page reveals a new practical example of how to apply strategic thinking at all levels of an organization. If you've ever struggled through an academic treatise on the subject of strategic planning or worked on a strategic planning assignment that involved more lip-service to a detached process than an exercise in critical, tough assumption-challenging thinking, then you'll find the engaging story of Roadmaps and Revelations a "breath of fresh air." The approach to planning described in Mr. Niven's book is more than a process - it's a mindset for creating a meaningful and executable business roadmap. This book is a must-read for every business executive!" - Allen Mills CEO, Bluecrane, Inc.

    "Simply brilliant, and brilliant in its simplicity. I have read few books that convey so much in such a memorable manner. Roadmaps and Revelations will be a must-read for my leadership team as we look to improve our own strategic planning processes." - Jay Forbes Senior EVP & President, EMEA, Ingram Micro (a Fortune 100 company)

    "Strategy how-to meets the buddy road trip! Niven takes a novel and refreshing approach to what is often a dry topic—enterprise strategy formation. Those new to strategic planning, as well as strategy professionals, will benefit from hitching a ride with this informative journey." - David Adelman Vice President, Corporate Strategy, Edwards Lifesciences

    "Once again Paul Niven hits right on target. Through his examination of strategic planning, he fills a gap many of us practitioners face when we embark on the process of developing our strategy, and he couldn't have done it in a better way than with his fable. His story provides a very practical and comprehensive methodology for developing strategy while at the same time engendering a fundamental understanding of the meaning of strategy to its readers." - Salvador Ornelas President and CEO, Crown Paradise Resorts, Mexico

    Get on the road to dynamic business strategy!

    Written in a fun and engaging manner by renowned performance management expert Paul Niven, the message of Roadmaps and Revelations: Finding the Road to Business Success on Route 101, a business fable is simple: Developing a business strategy doesn't have to be a dreaded or complicated process. Realistic and relevant, this story shows you how to:

    • Tunnel through your assumptions
    • Examine information in a new light
    • Craft a statement that will vault your company to great success
    • Have your strategy vetted by a crack team of trusted examiners
    • Communicate, communicate, communicate—spread the word about your strategy

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