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Favorite Business Books

Here are some of my favorite business books. Most are not new, but the advice and wisdom they contain is timeless

41EV4VC8R7L. SL500_AA300__1Process Consultation – Edgar Schein: Maybe one of the best books I've ever read. It's only about 150 pages but I highlighted something on each and every one. Extremely beneficial advice for anyone who facilitates or consults with groups.



51ZP4fbqPL. SS500_Strategy Safari – Mintzberg et. al. Thorough review of the field of strategic planning that presents ten "schools" of strategic thought. A useful book to familiarize yourself with the field.



haloThe Halo Effect - Phil Rosenzweig. It's ironic that I should list Good to Great just below this book because it is one of many that Rosenzweig critically examines (to put it euphemistically) in this entertaining and informative book. He debunks many management philosophies and does so with cogent analysis and cold hard facts. Very illuminating.

greatGood to Great – Jim Collins: One of the top selling business books of all time. Features the "hedgehog concept." Collins is a fine storyteller, and keeps the book breezy while also distilling many useful lessons.



flowFlow – Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi. Not a business book per se, but one that has many lessons for business leaders. The author deconstructs the process of 'flow,' or optimal experience and shares how we can enhance our lives (including our working lives) by tapping into its power.


execExecution – Bossidy & Charan: Another favorite. Bossidy is a former General Electric VP and Charan is a career consultant. This book, as the title implies, focuses on the simple, rigorous steps necessary for organizational success.

changeLeading Change – John Kotter. Kotter is a Harvard professor and well-known change guru. The book offers eight steps to follow in any organizational change effort.



philcapThe Capitalist Philosophers – Andrea Gabor. The author profiles several guiding lights in the world of organizations: Chandler, Drucker, and Taylor just to name a few. This text will provide you with a solid grounding in the development of the management discipline over the past hundred years.