At Senalosa, our proven methodologies and processes have helped hundreds of organizations around the globe execute their strategy and achieve breakthrough results.
Whether it’s Strategy, driving execution with our pioneering hybrid of OKRs and the Balanced Scorecard, or enhancing Employee Engagement through Gamification, you need a partner with a track record to ensure implementation success.



Everyone talks about execution (including us … just look further down this page), and rightly so, as it’s critical to organizational success. But without a well-conceived, agile, and defensible strategy, there is nothing to execute.

We’ll customize a strategy engagement to meet your exact needs, but most will include:

  • Situational Assessment: You have to know where you are before you can chart your course for the future.
  • Determination of (1) Target customers, (2) Customer Value Proposition – why customers buy from you, and (3) Product and service mix
  • Strategic Themes: Broad, directional statements that frame your strategy
  • Strategic Options: Possible courses of action
  • Strategic Choices: Chosen strategic positions
  • Strategy Testing: Ensuring your strategy is integrated (the choices fit one another), represents clear choices including a value proposition, drives superior returns, and is defensible

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You’ve got a differentiating strategy in place, now it’s time to get your entire team behind it, and execute. Two proven execution frameworks are OKRs and the Balanced Scorecard. Leading organizations are combining the two – Ensuring executives have the yardsticks they need to gauge execution with a Strategy Map and Scorecard,  while the rest of the organization uses meaningful metrics (through OKRs) to signal their unique and important contribution to overall success.

In the space below we’ve provided background on both frameworks, but as noted above, the real value comes in combining the two. Contact us to learn how!

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Used by over 60% of the Fortune 1000 and named by Harvard Business Review as one of the 75 most influential business ideas of the 20th century, the Balanced Scorecard is the tool of choice for organizations wishing to successfully execute strategy.

The Balanced Scorecard communicates strategy through a Strategy Map and measures execution with performance measures, targets, and strategic initiatives. It balances short and long-term performance, financial and non-financial indicators, and lagging and leading measure of success.

We can help you:

  • Develop a Strategy Map that powerfully communicates your strategic story
  • Create performance measures to ensure your execution is on track
  • Build a portfolio of strategic initiatives to close critical performance gaps
  • Put strategy at the center of your company by designing linkages from the Balanced Scorecard to critical processes such as: Budgeting, Incentive Compensation, Risk Management, Performance Reviews, and many others.
  • Create a new management meeting structure that puts strategy at the center of your agenda

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Developed by Intel in the 1980s and used by Google, LinkedIn and other leading companies, OKRs (Objectives and Key Results) are a simple and powerful way to drive focus and alignment throughout an organization.

Objectives represent broad goals that are critical to success, and Key Results are concise statements that measure the achievement of the objective.

One of the differentiating features of OKRs is their scoring system. At the end of the period (typically quarterly) you’ll rate each Key Result on a scale of 0-1.0. The rating you assign represents the percentage of progress you’ve made towards completing that OKR by the target date. The subjectivity encourages experimentation and calculated risk-taking in the pursuit of objectives.

We can help you:

  • Design corporate level OKRs that monitor and drive the execution of your strategy
  • Work with business units and teams to develop cascading OKRs to create alignment throughout your entire organization
  • Design management meetings that feature OKRs to monitor performance throughout the organization

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Employee Engagement is the rocket fuel that accelerates alignment and execution, and organizations around are beginning to recognize this fact.

In their 2015 Human Capital report, Deloitte notes that employee engagement and culture issues exploded onto the scene, rising to become the number one challenge around the world in their study. 87 percent of respondents believe the issue is “important,” with 50 percent citing it as “very important”—double the proportion in last year’s survey.

Little wonder there is so much attention being paid to engagement when the polling firm Gallup states that in most companies, engagement is dreadfully low. According to their research, just 13 percent of the global workforce is “highly engaged.”

Gamification, applying game mechanics in a business setting, is a new, exciting, and proven method to increase employee engagement. By applying gaming elements to your strategy, Balanced Scorecard, or OKRs you can substantially boost both engagement and execution.

Working with our partners, we can help you:

  • Measure the level of engagement in your workforce
  • Determine the systems best suited to game mechanics
  • Design game elements into your strategy, Balanced Scorecard, or OKRs
  • Monitor your execution

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