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Assessments are very important in the Balance ScorecardIt’s been said that the only constant in today’s world is change. New and disruptive technologies, demographic shifts, agile and non-traditional competitors, and a host of other transformations are causing a dramatic shift in the way all organizations must operate in our ever-changing world.

We can ensure your business is primed for exceptional execution by assessing your current strategy and performance management system. 

Strategy Assessment

Time is your most valuable, and scarcest resource, a fact we recognize and respect. Therefore, our strategy assessment is not a drawn out weeks long affair. In a dynamic and efficient one-day session we’ll assist you in determining the level of consensus among your team on key strategic priorities, including:

  • Target customers and markets
  • Product and service mix, including geographic focus
  • Your chosen value proposition: Outstanding service, operational excellence leading to low costs for your customers, or product leadership through innovation

To assist your team in preparing for the session we’ll provide an electronic interview template allowing each participant to document his or her views on the organization’s strategy. Immediately following the session we’ll prepare a report detailing areas of consensus, potential challenges, and suggested next steps for your team. In just one day you’ll have access to important insights on how aligned your team is on the critical building blocks of success. Contact us to learn more about strategy assessments.

Strategic Measurement Assessment

As your operating environment evolves your strategy must be agile, and so too must your performance management system, primarily your strategic performance measures. However, once they’ve developed a set of metrics, it’s not uncommon for many organizations to ‘freeze’ and rarely modify them, despite changes in their business climate. See my blog post, “Unfreezing Your Balanced Scorecard” for more on this topic.

Dynamic, insight-inducing metrics are at the heart of an effective Performance Management system. Our assessment will examine your strategic measures to ensure they: 

  • Reflect your strategy
  • Represent your value chain
  • Reflect your value proposition
  • Are both predictive (leading) and representative of actions previously taken (lagging)
  • Clearly communicate desired results

Knowledge is the lifeblood of organizations and powerful metrics drive the insights you need to ensure your business thrives. Contact us to learn more about Strategic Measurement assessments.